How to Attract Money Using Law of Attraction?

January 10, 2021

We all hear about various ways to earn money. But we have never understood how to manifest money. Once we learn and understand this, money will come effortlessly to us.

Most of the times, we think negative of us, that we are not capable of earning good amount of money in our life, or we pay bills/expenses with a negative mindset. This is one of the main reasons because of which we never receive money in our hands.

We should always think of it as a blessing, that we are able to pay off our debts and still can enjoy our life. We should be confident on ourselves that we are capable of earning good money and live a life that we desire.

There are two simple ways to manifest money in your life. These tricks can work only if we have 100% faith in Universe and in ourselves.

  1. By writing a cheque to yourself in the Bank of the Universe
  2. Editing your Bank Statement with the desired amount

Let us understand in detail, how we can do it.

Writing a cheque to yourself in the Bank of the Universe

You can take the print of the above image and write down the amount that you desire to earn.

Editing your Bank Statement with the desired amount

For this trick, simply download your bank statement and take a print of it. Check the closing balance of the bank statement. Take a white marker and blur out the current closing amount of your bank statement. Now, write down the amount you would want as your closing balance.

Once you have done either of these tricks, simply close your eyes and bless yourself, bless this universe and think of all the things that are a blessing to you because of money in your life. Once you are done with counting your blessings, think of all the things that you would do once you have earned this money. Think of sitting in a group and sharing your manifestation experience with others and feeling happy and joyous. Do this exercise daily for 5 minutes to manifest the desired amount of money in your life.

Universe is full of abundance, and it will grant all your wishes if you know how to ask for it.

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