Manifestation – Meaning And My Experiences

September 22, 2020

We often come across the term manifestation, we also know ways or methods of manifestation, but seldom do we know what manifestation actually means. The Latin root of “manifestation” is “manifestare” which means “make public.” Quite literally, while you appear, you are making your goals and dreams public, you are actually pulling them out of your mind and into the bodily world. This requires immense dedication and faith.

In the words of Albert Einstein “Imagination is everything, it’s far the preview of life’s coming attractions.”

Manifestation is transmutation of thought into its physical reality. It is the process of taking an idea, a dream, a goal or a vision and making it become a reality by taking the important steps.

With manifestation, one can materialize any of their deepest desires. It is an art to make your dreams come true. Just think of what you want in your life by being in a relaxed state of mind, and believe in your dreams, all your dreams will come true.

There are so many people who do not believe in manifestation. To be honest, even I did not believe in it until I had my own experiences. I used to question nature for silly things and asking for simple hints to give me as an answer in form of yes and no. Nature was always kind enough, not to disappoint me in anyway.

When I was settled there, I started asking for smaller things, like getting a window seat in Mumbai Local Train during peak hours, which is like impossible to achieve. But I had my wish and nature was at my command. I was successful in manifesting my small desires and watching it become a reality. My trust was going stronger and my wishes were getting bigger.

I was very much confident, manifestation or in other terms what it is called as ‘The Law of Attraction’ is working in my life. I started manifesting things like how easy or difficult the exam would be, how I will be able to achieve ‘x’ percentage in my board exams, getting placed in a MNC and asking for the desired salary, etc. I was so amazed to see, all of these things were working for me and that too in the time defined by me. I was in full control of my life and what I want to achieve in my life.

I was also struggling in my love life, but I took the help of my manifestation techniques to achieve success in that area of life as well. Today, I am blessed with my love of life, a family which is so loving and caring, I feel so blessed in so many ways, that sometimes I forget the count of my own blessings. I started manifesting my health & wealth as well.

Manifestation is something which everyone is doing all the time, some are doing it consciously while some unconsciously. We might not like the results of it, but we are manifesting or creating all the time.

We have to be very much sure of what we are asking for and work in the direction of achieving it. Nothing is impossible in this world, only if you know how to achieve it.


I would be sharing my experiences in detail and how I was successful in making my dreams become reality.

Share in your thoughts and experiences if you have manifested or attracted or created something with your mind. Would be happy to be a listening ear to your success stories.

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