22 Effective Types Of Vision Boards And How To Manifest Using Vision Boards

February 20, 2021

We all have heard about vision board/ dream board/ goal board, etc. words. But what exactly these describe?

How can one achieve their dreams by using these?

Let’s understand in this post.

“Vision Board is any sort of board or an electronic document on which you display images, texts, etc. that represents whatever you want to be, achieve, do or have in your life.”

Vision boards are nothing but a pictorial format of the goals which we write. As it is, ‘a picture speaks thousand words’ similarly, when we write goals, it’s just text format. However, when we make a vision board, we can add images/affirmations related to our goals and create a ‘masterpiece’ out of it. It creates a visual impact on us and gives command or constant reminders to our subconscious mind about what we have to achieve.

How Vision Board Works:

What we see and think of, we get more of similar things. For example, if we are sad, we will see everything around us sad and more things will happen which will make us sad. But if we are happy, everything around us will be happy and more of happiness related events will come across.

Our mind responds very strongly to the visual stimulation. And our emotions serve as an energy that activates the Law of Attraction.

Our body is made up of many atoms and atoms are made of energy. If we think, everything around us is an energy which is giving birth to the circumstances around us. When we surround ourselves with images or affirmations related to the things we want to achieve in our life, our mind acts as an energy to help us achieve those.

Ultimately, our vision board programs our subconscious mind to attract things and manifest habits that make it easier to achieve our goals.

Visualisation is the most powerful exercises you can use to achieve the goals in your life.

How to Manifest Through Vision Board:

For turning your dreams into reality, you’ll have to do the following:

  1. Know exactly what you want
  2. Write/put up images/ related affirmations of your dreams (make a vision board)
  3. Stick the vision board in a place where you’ll see it multiple times a day
  4. Ritual to be followed – everyday first thing and last thing to do would be to spend at least 10 minutes visualising that the goals you have listed down on your board are already true.
  5. The power of visualisation will help in manifesting things which we want
  6. But this doesn’t end here. You’ll have to work towards the goals you have listed down and make a serious effort of achieving it.

Overall idea of a vision board is to stay focused, motivated and consistent towards the goals. Making a vision board, won’t guarantee you success in it. You’ll have to work towards it to make it happen.

Let’s Understand Different Types of Vision Boards:

There are many goals and aspirations in life which we want to achieve in our life. Hence, having a vision board which will help us to stay focused towards the goals which we want to achieve is always helpful. We can have 1-2 vision boards at once. But not too many, as it will confuse us to focus.

Let’s understand in detail which all are the types of vision boards which we can make to accomplish our short- and long-term goals in life.

  • Annual Goal Vision Board
    • This vision board can be made at every start of the year. It will be kind of new year resolution which once can make on the vision board.
    • Keeping annual goals in form of vision board will surely help focus and stay motivated throughout the year to achieve the goals.
  • Dream Life Vision Board
    • One can create a vision board adding images and things they want to achieve in order to live a life of their dreams.
    • It can be a dream home, dream job, dream car, etc. anything one wants to achieve to live a dream life.
  • Personal Goals Vision Board
    • Personal goal vision board will stick to vision only for self. It will include health, wealth, etc.
  • Health & Fitness Vision Board
    • This vision board has specific goals to focus on. Health in terms on physical health. Body should be healthy and fit. How would be the meals intake, what your body will look like, what kind of activities are you doing to get that perfect healthy body, etc. all these will be part of this.
    • To read more about Health & Wellness Vision Board, read this blog post
  • Love Vision Board
    • Love vision board will focus on all the things you are looking for in your love life. May it be finding a right partner with some qualities you have in mind, or improving already existing love life.
    • This surely helps us to understand what kind of relationship we are looking for and what are the things we can do to achieve/improve it.
  • Money Vision Board
    • Money is one of such aspects of life which is never enough for anyone. We always strive to earn more and more. Money vision board focuses on how much money we wish to earn, ways or means to earn, what are we doing after we have that money and how are we creating value out of that money.
  • Spiritual Vision Board
    • People who want to grow spiritually will think of having one such vision board. It helps to focus on the activities which one should do in order to grow spiritually. Images of meditation, mantras, etc. can be added in this vision board.
  • Travel/Vacation Vision Board
    • A travel vision board is a collage of all the places that you’d like to travel to. Pictures, magazine clippings, quotes, city names – anything that is inspirational to your travel bucket list. It can also include the people with whom you would want to travel.
  • Family Vision Board
    • A family vision board is a great way to come together as a family and collaborate through a common vision. You can read more about it here.
  • Happiness Vision Board
    • Things which will give happiness will come on this vision board.
  • Gratitude Vision Board
    • Things we have or wish to own for which we will always be grateful for, will come on this vision board.
  • Weight Loss Vision Board
    • Losing weight is one of the toughest things one has to go through which constantly needs motivation.
    • Listing down the figure we want to achieve, ways with which we can achieve, meals or recipes which will help us achieve that figure, etc. everything will come on this vision board. You can check out in detail here.
  • Couple Vision Board
    • By creating a couple vision board, it helps you understand the dreams and aspirations of your partner as well. Things he/she wants to do with you or achieve by having you by their side.
    • It serves a reminder that they want to move forward together. This experience of creating couple vision board can be romantic overall.
    • The board can be full of travel inspiration, date nights, or financial goals.
    • You can read about creating a couple vision board in detail here.
  • Positive Affirmations
    • This vision board just helps us stay motivated by giving positive vibes with the impactful words.
  • Abundance Vision Board
    • We write and stick images of all things that we are abundantly grateful for. As per law of attraction, when we are thankful for things we have, it grows abundantly.
  • Inspirational/Motivational:
    • We write about/ stick image of the things which inspires or motivates us. It could be any successful role model or wordings which can be included in it.
  • Yoga Vision Board
    • Love for yoga or a routine to start with yoga, one can simply work around with the asanas and the postures to achieve. Through a vision board, it can be clarified and one can be focused on to it.
  • Career Vision Board
    • When it comes to career, many are not clear about what they want to achieve in their lives and hence ending up doing things which do not yield them results. To be focused, one has to dedicatedly sit down and understand their passion and how can they make it as a career choice. List down the plan or goals on a board to keep themselves motivated through the journey.
  • Business Vision Board
    • To start or to run a business is an amazing but to keep it going with clear mindset is something we can achieve by listing down the business goals on our business vision board. Ideas to scale up the business, number of employees in the company, turnover, profits, etc. all these things can be listed down on the board.
  • Apartment Vision Board
    • Buying an apartment, for some is like dream come true. One puts a lot of hard work and effort to earn it. But it is important to know what are we aiming for. What kind of apartment, in which area, how many rooms, etc. will it have? When we make a vision board around it, we might know and understand things which we usually tend to forget.
  • Financial Goals Vision Board
    • As we plan our finances very carefully, if we create a vision board to keep us focused where we have to invest money, how much returns it is giving, what are we doing with that money, etc. It will surely make us clear about the sources of income and investments.
  • Students Vision Board
    • Vision boards are not only for adults and planning things, students/kids can also have their vision board listing out what they want to achieve in their life. They can make a vision board around the grades they are aiming for, the college they want to go, the company they might have to work with, the books they want to read, etc.

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